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Solo Journey

Return to Your Sacred Self

  • 50 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Pneuma Center

Service Description

The Solo Journey is a unique, personal, transformative experience aimed at helping you rediscover and restore your inner essence, facilitated by licensed therapists. What to Expect? Each journey offers the opportunity to delve deep within your psyche, exploring facets of your identity that may have been buried under layers of life experiences, cultural conditioning, and parental influences. Many times, solo journeys are deeply moving, potentially unveiling past traumas or chronic behavioral patterns, found in the recesses of your mind. Our role as facilitators is to help you explore these discoveries in a new light, providing structure and guidance during challenging moments. On the day of the journey, we carefully curate a sacred space where your mind, body, and soul can journey freely, unencumbered by judgment or fear. This safe haven allows you to navigate through the complexities of your inner world, providing a nurturing environment for personal growth and self-discovery. While every journey is different, many people emerge from the experience with newfound clarity, empathy, a greater sense of interconnectedness, and insight into their life's purpose. Some discover ways to modify behavior patterns and find inspiration for long-term chance. The Solo EntheoTherapy Journey at Pneuma Center is more than a service - it's a pathway to self-discovery and embracing the journey back to your innate, sacred self. How it Works? The full investment of the solo journey is $1000. The $200 price listed is a deposit to secure services. Once you select "Book Now", the following step involves scheduling a preparatory session to discuss goals, set your journey date, and arrange payment for the remaining balance due. No Guarantees No guarantees are made expressly or implied as to the outcome of your personal journey. EntheoTherapy is not a panacea, but rather a tool used in conjunction with other personal growth modalities. Should you have any questions, please reach out via the contact information below.

Contact Details

  • 372 Hilton Road, Ferndale, MI, USA

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